Affordable, seamless, comfortable and realistic looking, today’s vinyl is up to date and unique.

National Floors - Easthampton, MAYes it looks just like ceramic, wood or stone at a very reasonable price. And now with the fiberglass backing we can go over your existing floor without sub-floors or major preparation. We offer all the major brands so stop by for a look today.

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Flooring Worksheet & Discount

While price and budget are important, so are the right color, style and quality to ensure wear. Please measure your areas and bring us the sizes, color and budget to help you in selecting the right choice for your needs.

As an incentive for bringing in the measurements, National Floors will give you $20 off the cost of your materials.

Flooring Worksheet & Discount

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We are in the process of moving to our new location at Ferry Street in Easthampton!

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We are so glad that National Floors is still in Easthampton. Your new location and parking are so much more convenient!
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