National Floors sells quality floors at the best prices that are installed by our professional expert installers. Please review the installation guide and FAQs below to learn more about our installation process.

  • From date of deposit, all materials ordered require 2 weeks to arrive unless otherwise notified.
  • Installation schedule will be set after delivery and inspection of your ordered materials.
  • Please note, on day of job the schedule is done in 4 hour blocks of time, therefore we can only be accurate with the time of the first job. We expect to be met by customer to discuss any installation questions or concerns, and to pay installer on completion.
  • For best installation outcome temperatures should be at 65-70 degrees for all installation types.
  • CARPET – if customer removes carpet and pad. PLEASE remove all staples. Base and tactless do NOT need to be removed. DOORS to be removed and replaced by customer. Also be sure to clip any loose yarns, especially in Berbers or loop constructed carpets, before vacuuming.
  • UPRIGHT BEATER BAR VACUUMS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL STYLE NEW CARPETS, TRIM LOOSE YARNS. Please note new carpet may show crush marks or shadowing but this will disappear with vacuuming.
  • VINYL – New sub floors are always best but with today’s floors going over old with preparation is acceptable, however you must thoroughly clean floor with heavy duty cleaner the night before installation.
  • If going over existing floor, your baseboards need to be removed and replaced or quarter round moldings are required to finish job. National will move appliances out and back, but a plumber is required to handle toilets, gas stoves, and dryers or ice makers.
  • The warranty for going over existing floor is limited. Sub floors are always best in regards to manufacturers guaranty.
  • WOOD/LAMINATE -Recommended humidity is 35 to 55%. National will deliver materials to your home 2-3 days before installation allowing for acclimation of wood. Hardwood is installed across joists on plywood and will seasonally expand and contract. To allow for expansion, baseboards are removed for installation and then replaced.
  • National Floors cannot guaranty invisible seams or pattern matches. Please not some patterns will run off.
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Wow, the floors and carpets look great! The installation is perfect and the cleanup was superb, thank you! We look forward to entertaining our wedding guests and telling our family and friends all about our experience at National Floors.
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